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About Me

I'm Alexia, mom of 2, and the founder of Being Maman. I'm a licensed clinical social worker and certified holistic nutrition consultant, passionate about natural health and clean living for the whole family.


I specialize in maternal mental health, pregnancy nutrition, and supporting babies and kids' health and sickness naturally. I help families achieve optimal health, both mentally and physically, through a holistic approach.


I am passionate about working with mothers to get the best start for a healthy pregnancy, smoother birth, and healthy baby. And look forward to continuing to support them throughout the postpartum period as well.


Education and Certifications

Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition (2023-2024)

Certified Nutrition Consultant



Foundational Nutrition - Graduated 2023

Pregnancy Nutrition - Graduated 2023

Postpartum Nutrition - in Process

Baby Nutrition - in Process

Postpartum Support International (2021)

Advanced Perinatal Mental Health Psychotherapy Training

Postpartum Support International (2020)

Certificate in Maternal Mental Health and Perinatal Mood Disorders

RUIS McGill (2018)

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy​

McGill University (2016 – 2018)

Masters of Social Work

My Philosophy

Navigating mental health, mood management, and physical well-being unveils a profound truth: neglecting nutritional needs and mineral imbalances is like waging a battle against oneself. The journey toward healing becomes a formidable task, as efforts are expended in opposition to our own bodily functions, rather than harmonizing with them.


Our bodies are intricate systems that reciprocate the care we invest in them. When we take care of them, we can find balance, sharpness, calm, alignment. On the other hand, when our bodies are off equilibrium, subtle yet crucial warning signs emerge, just like the illuminating dashboard lights in a car. Often dismissed as common symptoms everyone has, these symptoms serve as markers pointing towards underlying root causes.


While conventional medicine often focuses on alleviating symptoms, a more holistic approach delves into identifying the core issues, and eliminating symptoms at their source. While mainstream healthcare strives to keep individuals just above the threshold of illness, holistic practices aim to propel us far beyond mere "not sick" status, guiding us toward a state of thriving, optimal health.


How is this accomplished? It requires assuming command of our own health and that of our families. No singular doctor or practitioner can definitively prescribe what is best for each individual. While consultations are valuable for learning, the ultimate answers lie within us.


My own path to health and well-being has been, and continues to be, a journey of rediscovering the wisdom of ancestral practices and remedies. I'm committed to addressing health issues in a way that is both effective and natural, to keep allopathic medicine as an emergency resource rather than a first line of defense. It's this passion that drives my dedication to supporting pregnancy through wholesome and natural nutrition which can have an impact on that mother's next 3 generations. 

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